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  • The Comics Factory Goes to Woodbury!

    Greetings from Woodbury!

    On a recent road trip we stopped by the small town of Senoia, GA, better known now as Woodbury from The Walking Dead. While we didn’t run into The Governor or take out any zombie hordes it was really cool to see how much of this town remains dedicated to the show even while they …

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  • It’s JL8: A Webcomic


    We must admit that the hilarity of JL8: A Webcomic by Yale Stewart gets us laughing every week. Here’s just a sample but check in every Monday and Thursday to see what’s new with these re-imagined characters of DC Comics. I could spend hours in the archives!

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  • 4 Awesome Etsy Creations to Show Your Love For Comics in Style

    BowTies Made From Marvel Comics Fabric

    There are some really talented artists adding their love for comics to the world of fashion. Here are a few picks on Etsy that caught our eye. 1. First check out these rad BowTies Made From Marvel Comics Fabric by TieGame. Pick your favorite from nine different styles for less than 15 bucks! 2. And who wouldn’t …

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  • Custom Portraits for the Zombie Apocalypse

    zombie gifts

    If watching The Walking Dead has taught us anything, it’s that we would be awesome at kicking butt in the Zombie Apocalypse! We’re sure that decades of films from, Night of the Living Dead to Zombieland, The Evil Dead to Shaun of the Dead, have you feeling the same. That’s why we are so excited to announce our …

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  • Love In The World Of Superheroes

    Batman And Wonder Woman

    On the Eve of Valentine’s Day, with romance wafting through the air like Poison Ivy’s perfume, we are reminded that the world of super heroes and villains is not only filled with action and suspense but there’s quite a bit of love as well. Some superhero couples save the world hand in hand. While other, more …

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  • Custom Super Hero Spotlight

    Gift For Couples

    With the popularity of comic and superhero gifts exploding this past year, we have had the chance to introduce many awesome new superheroes to the world. One of the coolest things we get to do here at The Comics Factory is create totally original characters based on your ideas. Everyday we get requests from people …

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